5 Tips for your wedding day.

5 Tips for your wedding day.

The big day is finally here, but how do you make the most of the day you’ve been planning? Here’s some of the best advice I was given, or saw on pinterest, for my wedding day.

Be prepared.

Have a kit for the day that has all the essentials you may need; lipstick, deodorant, plasters, mints, perfume, hair clips, hairspray, safety pins, tissues and anything else you think you might need. Give this to either a bridesmaid or someone you can trust. Even if you don’t use any of it, it’ll give you peace of mind.

Enjoy the preparations.

I loved my wedding morning, the buzz, having my favourite people there and getting really pampered. Plan the morning for what will be the most streamlined and stress free.

Savour every moment.

The day is such a wonderful blur, make sure you take a few moments throughout the day to stop together and take it all in.

Know what photos you want.

Give your photographer a list of the photos you want before hand so there’s no stress at the time trying to remember who you want professional photos with. Assign a couple of people to be runners for photos, your photographer will thank you for that! Also, ask your photographer for a picture of the moment exactly after your ceremony. The moment when it’s sinking in that you’re married! It’s one of my favourite photos from my wedding.


There’s nothing left to do now other than sit back, relax, knowing you have done all you can and that everything is under control. Although it can be hard, try to not let anything phase you on your special day.

Enjoy all you lovely brides-to-be, it really is a magical day!