Your Bridal Trial | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Your Bridal Trial | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Ever wondered what is involved in a wedding makeup trial? 

From your Makeup Artist Edinburgh to Bride-to-be, here is a breakdown of how I conduct a bridal trial that should hopefully answer some of your most asked questions. Firstly, just like your makeup, I tailor the trial to you. No two brides are the same, so each trial will be slightly different depending on what you need and want. I’m mobile so come to you at a time that is mutually convenient to make your trial as easy as possible. It normally lasts between one and two hours, although I don’t cap the time for your trial, to make sure you are happy. I recommend, if possible, testing the makeup. Plan your trial to coincide with your hen party or maybe just make up an excuse to go out! This way you can have confidence the makeup will last and look great until the last dance of your wedding day.


I start each trial with a consultation. This is a great way to get to know you and a bit more about your day, your dress and how you will have your hair. With all this information we can create a bridal look that will not only enhance and flatter, but also suit your overall wedding day. Its here I find out any concerns you might have about makeup, if there’s anything you are really set on or if you have no idea about how you want your makeup. Any of these are ok!  Looking for inspiration for your makeup? Check out some tips on my Blog.


Starting with skincare, working to eyes, skin and lips, I like to take it each stage at a time. Making sure you are happy with each section before we move on. Then once we have a complete look all together, we then see how you feel and evaluate how everything has come together. Once we are happy I will then add to your file all the products I used and take photos of the makeup. These ensure that I can turn up on the wedding morning and recreate the makeup you love.

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I always ask brides-to-be to let me know how they find the makeup at the end of the day. I want to ensure the longevity of the makeup and that ultimately you still love it. 99% of the time there are no issues, the makeup still looks great and you are excited to have the same look again for your big day. However, if after the full day you decide that you want to change something, maybe you’ve changed your mind on the lip colour or want bigger/smaller lashes, it’s not a problem! Let me know what it you want to change and I’ll update your file so on the day you have complete peace of mind.

This is a step-by-step process of how I personally conduct a wedding makeup trial, every makeup artist is different. If there’s something I didn’t cover and you have any questions I would love to answer them and be your Makeup Artist Edinburgh, Fife or beyond.

Emily xo