How to Choose Your Makeup | Edinburgh Makeup Artist

How to Choose Your Makeup | Edinburgh Makeup Artist

How do you choose your wedding makeup?

You’re getting married, you have your dress chosen and now you have to decide how you want your wedding makeup. Fun! How do you chose what style to go for? Do you go smokey? Have a bit of a statement lip? How do you pick something that will suit your dress and wedding day? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As an Edinburgh makeup artist here are my tips on how to choose your wedding makeup.

You want to look like you!

I’ve mentioned this before and it may sound obvious but you don’t want to walk down the aisle for your groom to not recognise you. If you don’t normally wear big smokey eyes, your wedding day is probably not the day to experiment. You want to feel comfortable and your makeup should be natural and flattering, like yourself on a really good day. You’re makeup should be another element of your day that compliments your personality.

Get social!

Social media is great for getting inspiration, especially for weddings. If you type ‘wedding makeup’ into Pinterest, you will be flooded with an array of different makeup looks with different dresses, flowers and type of wedding day. Also, having a browse around makeup artists social media profiles can give you great ideas, too. I often keep my facebook, twitter and instagram more up to date than my website, so often direct people there for inspiration.


Try out different styles.

When you have a trial tell your chosen Edinburgh makeup artist that would want to try out a couple of styles. I always listen to what clients ask for and if there’s any uncertainty I show a couple different looks on them so they can make a really informed decision. I find sometimes you need to see something on yourself before you can know for sure if you like it. Often, seeing the comparison can really help you choose what look it is you want.

I hope these tips help you find your perfect wedding makeup look!

Emily xo

Central Scotland, Fife & Edinburgh Makeup Artist