Double Cleansing Part Two | Beauty Blogger

Double Cleansing Part Two | Beauty Blogger

Double Cleansing Part 2 – My Experience.

I’ve decided to document my experience trying out double cleansing, to let you know if I think it’s worth the effort. I’m going to do it twice a day and track any benefits to my skin. If you want to know what the deal is with double cleansing then you can read all about it on my blog here. As someone who is a little lazy when it comes to skincare, I thought it’s about time I up my game and give my skin a chance!

Why Caroline Hirons collaboration with pixi?

There’s been so much hype about this product because CH has a lot of experience and knowledge in the skincare world. Caroline knows there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all product’ but these cleansers have been made in conjunction with each other to compliment most skin types. There’s no parabens or fragrances making it ideal for skin that is sensitive like mine. But basically, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and have an excuse to buy something new. The products comes with 2 50ml sections, one side is a solid cleansing oil which you only need to do in the evening to remove makeup. The other side is a cream cleanser that is to be used twice a day.


My experience

My skin has recently has been flaring up. It has been a little flaky and dry and is having breakouts at the same time. Not ideal. I have tried a couple different oils and Nip and Fabs exfoliating pads, which have been helping, however I definitely feel like my skin is lacking a little something something.

Day One

Today wasn’t a heavy makeup day, but thanks to the glorious sunshine here in Scotland (PTL) I had my Josie Maran Argan Moisturiser with SPF 50 on which is quite heavy on the skin. The solid oil was so smooth on the face and literally melted away my makeup, including Benefit They’re Real Mascara which is notoriously difficult to get off. I found it a little stingy and tight on the areas that are particularly dry but overall felt great. The cream cleanser again felt lovely and I found afterwards my skin felt noticeably cleaner than it normally would. My skin didn’t feel too tight which it sometimes can but felt ready for moisture. I used my Keils moisti and argan oil and now my skin feel ah-maz-ing. Looking forward to seeing how it feels in the morning.

Day Three

The routine is so easy, that already I know I’m keen to continue with it. My current skincare routine is Caroline Hirons double cleanser (solid cleanser only in the evening, Kiehls toner, Nip and Fab glycolic wipes, Avene moisturiser, Keihls Serum. I’m enjoying how my skin feels.

Day Five

My skin feels great however my eyes have started to become really dry and flaky – gross. Not sure if it’s the cleanser or eye makeup I had been wearing. I’m continuing with the cleanser for now and see how it progresses.

double cleansing before and after
So I know the light in these pictures are different. The before was taken at night when the only light was the bathroom light and the second is taken in natural light. Hopefully you can see the areas where my skin is clearer.

Day seven and my conclusion

I felt my skin felt is so much cleaner, fresher and brighter in general. However my eyes are still really dry, not as bad as bad but I can’t wear much eye product at the moment. I will definitely continue to double cleanse as it just makes sense. Using the different types of cleanser make my skin feel really clean and fresh. I would say I like the Caroline Hirons products but I am going to experiment a little with other products to see what difference they make.

So that’s just one beauty bloggers opinion and experience with double cleansing. I would love to hear if this is helpful for you! If you have any product recommendations please let me know!

Emily xo