HD Brow Before & After | Beauty Blogger

HD Brow Before & After | Beauty Blogger

Are HD Brows really worth it?

I visited Nicola at Faith Hair and Beauty in Dunfermline to see if the hype of HD Brows was really worth it. I’ve had some serious eyebrow envy for a while, as my cousin has great brows. She swears by HD Brows so I thought it couldn’t hurt to treat myself and give it a go. I’m a big lover of natural looks so was really conscious I didn’t want anything too heavy or ‘Scouse Brow’ like! Here is a review of my experience and my HD Brow before and after.

Are eyebrows important? 

Eyebrows should be an important part of your makeup look as they are fundamental for framing your face and have the ability to give your face a lift and open up the eyes and face. I see so often both extremes, some people love brows and over do them. Drawing attention to them over anything else on the face. Then there are others who have never really seen the point in doing anything with their eyebrows. It’s important to get a balance, your eyebrows should compliment your eye and face shape without being an overpowering feature.

What are HD Brows? 

HD brows use a range of techniques including; waxing, tinting, threading & makeup application. It is one of the most popular eyebrow treatments available here in the UK. Prices start from £25 and the results last 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth.


My Experience.

Well I think the HD Brow before and after picture says it all really. It’s a much fuller, defined eyebrow look while still being natural! I’m so pleased with the result! So far I’ve found the brows enough for an everyday look with little to no makeup. Then I’ve filled them in a bit when I’m going for a fuller eyebrow look. I personally had a slight reaction to the threading but that hasn’t put me off the treatment, I will be back in a few weeks when they need redone. I would highly recommend Nicola at Faith Hair and Beauty in Dunfermline, she was super quick, friendly and helpful when I asked her for help with my reaction to the threading. Thanks Nicola, I’ll be back!


Have you ever tried HD Brows? I would love to hear how you got on!

Emily xo