Highlighter Makeup Tutorial | BBlogger

Highlighter Makeup Tutorial | BBlogger

What is my favourite highlighter and what do I pair it with?

Here is my Highlighter Makeup Tutorial and Product Review. 

As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I get asked a lot about the products that I personally use and the products that I use in my kit. The current trends involve strobing and contouring, making highlighter products very popular. With so many different types of products available I thought I would showcase a few of my favourite highlighters and the products I pair them up with. I’ve chosen a pink look and a coral look, both of which I wear regularly.

Look One.

This is a pink look, I naturally have very pink cheeks and this look embraces it. Using NARS Illuminator in Copacabana and Benefit Blusher in Hervana. The NARS product has an amazing light reflecting quality that I personally like on its own. It goes so well with dewy skin and then the blusher just sits so well with it.

Look Two.

This is a coral based look, that revolves around the Sara Hill Baked Blusher in Honeybell. I just bought this blusher on a whim and it’s ended up being one of my staple products because I love it! I pair this with a golden NARS ‘The Multiple’ in South Beach, some would say it’s more of a bronzer but I like the summery look they create together. Then to add a bit of extra shimmer and glow I add the Highlighter Powder from the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze kit to set and enhance the cheekbone highlight.

Both of these looks are great everyday wearable blusher and highlighter looks. Why not give some of these products a go?

Side note: I say the word beautiful a LOT in this video, a truly silly amount. Due to combination of genuinely thinking the products are beautiful and being utterly terrified/dazed in front of the camera. Ooops, sorry!

Please enjoy my highlighter makeup tutorial vlog, I would love to know what your favourite highlighters are!

Emily xo

Makeup Artist | Beauty Blogger

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