International Bride – Coming to Scotland

International Bride – Coming to Scotland

Are you an international bride? Coming to Scotland from round the world? Here are some tips to finding your makeup artist. 

This year I’m so excited to working with brides from across Europe, America and Canada. I always love hearing what brings you to Scotland and being a little part of your dream day. Being an international bride means planning your wedding isn’t always straightforward, so I’ve compiled a few tips on how to make choosing your makeup artist, and other suppliers, a little easier.

1.Communication is key.

I talk a lot about communication, but I really believe there is no such thing as over communication. I offer Skype calls, emails or facebook message as means of communication, whatever works best for you with the time zone difference. I always endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

 2. Get on Pinterest.

Get inspiration and ideas from Pinterest. It is such a great way to visualise some of the ideas you might have in your head and you can then either tag your makeup artist or send them images over. This is another time when I like to reassure brides I love receiving your ideas and thoughts. I will bring all your inspiration to the trial to help us create your dream look!

Want to find out my availability and prices? Get in touch! 

3. Have a trial

As a full time makeup artist, I’m committed to being flexible and providing a trial to work with your tight time schedule. What can also be useful if having a trial at home to help you narrow down or decide on a style. This way you can have your accessories decided, meaning one less thing to decide and worry about when you arrive to Scotland.

Also, sidenote, the picture I used for this blog is of a dear friend, who got married in Aviemore, Scotland. I loved doing her hair and makeup so I thought a throwback was necessary!

Hope these tips help.

Emily xo