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Be Like Pablo | Behind the Scenes

A Makeup Artists Perspective

In August I joined up with a team of creatives who were working on Be Likes Pablos new music video ‘There She Goes’. My contribution was two full weekends of filming, with one stint in the studio and then in various places in Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow. It was an amazing team effort from the band, Director – Andrei Strauiala, Producer – Roisin Kelly and Director of Photography – Steve Cardno. Here is a wee taster of what is was like behind the scenes, the video is all taken on my iPhone, so sorry for any shaky, dodgy filming!

The Vision for the Video

The song writer Ewan describes the song: ‘There She Is’ tells the story of a high-school crush who left home and grew up to be the most famous person on earth. When writing the song, I could see a music video in my head from the outset: billboards and magazines spectacularly coming to life with their star – a glamorous model – breaking from her still-image form and reaching out to the real world.”

The video brings this vision to life more than I even imagined.

Set day

The majority of the behind the scenes stuff I took was in the studio, it was a long but awesome day. This is where we filmed all the billboard and magazine scenes. Jerry Jane Pears was a true pro from start to finish and a rockstar on set. It makes the job a dream when your model/actress is so lovely.


On Location

The video took us to Underground Solu’shn Record store on Cockburn Street, all over Glasgow and in our very own outdoor cinema in Fife. Being a makeup artist on set brings with it a whole set of challenges, so it was a lot of working from the boot of a car and I lost a brush down a drain, faiiiil. I was brave and only cried on the inside. But it was all worth it.

Because there was so much to do in postproduction, seeing it come together is amazing! I’m so proud to have been part of this project. The team were amazing to work with from start to finish, thanks for having me on board!

Check out the full music video below.

Emily xo

Makeup Artist Edinburgh