A Makeup Artist Makeup Kit – My Faves

A Makeup Artist Makeup Kit – My Faves

Ever wondered what’s in a Pro Makeup Artist Makeup kit?

I thought I would show you all some of my current makeup faves that I’m loving just now for all you brides and clients. To start I thought I would take you through my favourite bases. You could have fabulous smokey eyes but if you’re skin isn’t flawless your makeup won’t be complete! Whether you have dry, combination or oily skin here are a few fab products that are tried and tested and I love!

Makeup Artist Makeup Kit


Dry Skin 

If you’re like me and all year round you’re skin is as dry as the sahara dessert then you need a foundation that isn’t going to dry out your skin. I am a big fan of more dewy skin and I think that has largely come from the fact any matte foundation just sits in my skin and cracks really quickly. Not a good look. I love the NARS Sheer Glow because it gives a beautiful, build-able coverage while your skin still looks like skin. I particularly like using Sheer Glow with Sara Hills Primer and Urban Decays setting spray, such a dream combo for those with dry skin.

makeup artist makeup kit



I have found that matte coverage is really important for those with oily skin. It gives clients the confidence that the dreaded shiney forehead wont make an appearance by the end of an evening. Coupling a matte foundation with a great primer, like Laura Mericers oil free primer or Illamasquas Matte primer is a great place to start. Illamasquas Skin Base foundation is great for those with oily skin as it gives a medium, matte coverage while still making sure you don’t look like your skin is piled with foundation. Win! Then top it all off with a powder like Rimmels pressed powder or Ben Nyes loose powder.

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If you have both an oily t-zone and drier patches of skin then chances are you have combination skin. I would use specific moisturisers and primers on different areas of your face to gives your foundation the best chance. As for foundation I’m loving Charlotte Tilburys newest foundation – Magic foundation. Designed for everything from rosacea to oily skin, it is a great all rounder.

makeup artist makeup kit

I hope this look into a makeup artist makeup kit gives you some inspiration for the next time you need to get your foundation!

Emily xo