Makeup Lesson | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Makeup Lesson | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Why get a makeup lesson from a professional makeup artist in Edinburgh, Fife & Central Scotland? 

Maybe a makeup lesson has been something you have thought about for a long time or you may have never even considered it. Either way makeup lessons are a great way to become more confident applying your own makeup and pick up some pro tips. If you are local to Edinburgh, Fife or Central Scotland I wanted to share some of the benefits of a makeup lesson. I provide a range of targeted lessons for everyone from the newbies to makeup, to the more experienced wanting to master a technique for learn a new trend. As a Makeup Artist I love giving makeup lessons, its great teaching someone how to enhance their natural beauty.

You Learn Makeup for YOUR face. 

It’s great watching tutorials on youtube (believe me I spend hours watching all kinds of makeup videos and tutorials online). However, your favourite beauty blogger might have a completely different face shape, eye shape or skin type. Therefore some of the tips you might be picking up could actually not be flattering for you.

Learn how to use your own makeup.

Over the years you probably find your makeup bag fills up with samples, makeup you have been given or items you’ve picked up on a whim but don’t really know how to use them. Or if they are the right product for you. The great thing about a lesson is I will take you through what you already own and make sure you are getting the most out of what you already have.

Want to learn more? Want to book a makeup lesson? Get in touch! 

Get recommendations of purchases tailored to you. 

Whether you like to splurge and treat yourself to something fancy or want to know the best drugstore bargains I will give you all the best advice for what you should be spending your money on that will benefit you specifically. So, when your products run out you know where to go if you are looking to try something new.

So why not make my day and book a makeup lesson, with your local makeup artist in Edinburgh, Fife and Central Scotland.

Any questions please get in touch!

Emily xo

Professional Makeup Artist Edinburgh Fife & Scotland