Makeup Tutorial | Spotlight Eye Look

Makeup Tutorial | Spotlight Eye Look

Makeup Tutorial | Spotlight Eye Makeup Look

When I see a new trend on facebook or instagram I like to give it a go! This time I thought I would turn my experiment into a makeup tutorial so you could also learn how to achieve this trend.

What is a Spotlight Eye Makeup Look?

A spotlight eye look has a very simple concept, to have a concentrated colour in the middle of the eyes. The idea being that it looks it could be a spotlight shining. Simples. What I love about this look is its versatility. You can create a simple smokey spotlight look or get creative and colourful with your choice of products. There’s really no limit to the possibilities. You could use blue smokes and a copper spotlight, brown smokes and a blue spotlight… the possibilities are endless!

The Method

This is a really easy look to achieve! I choose to try something wearable.

  1. Find your transition colour, something neutral to define the socket. I choose the Burnt Orange shade.
  2. I then used a small brush for accuracy and applied the antique bronze colour to the eyelid. Starting from the outside of the eye working into the middle of the eyelid leaving a gap for the spotlight. Then I come in from the inner eye to the gap. I apply the same idea to under the eye.
  3. I dampened a brush with MAC prep and prime to intensify the colour of the spotlight. I apply the Vemeer to the gap left on the lid and blend with my fingers.
  4. I intensify the outer corners of my eyes with Cyrpus Umber but this is a personal preference of mine!
  5. I finished the look with Adrell wispies lashes.

Makeup Tutorial

eye makeup tutorial



The Products


I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. The reason I LOVE this palette is the shadows are really blendable and pigmented. A little product goes a long way.

I would love to see how you get on!

Emily xo