Ombré Lips | Beauty Blogger

Ombré Lips | Beauty Blogger

A statement ombré lip is a trend that is becoming a beauty blogger favourite. 

I’ve always been a fan of wearing bold colours on my lips and I’m slowly but surely getting a bit more adventurous with makeup. I was so blessed to learn in such a creative and inspiring environment at the Academy of Makeup. The Director Sara Hill taught with a philosophy that makeup is for everyone and should be enjoyed! So here I am enjoying…!

So what is an Ombré lip? You’re probably really familiar with this idea of ombré as everyone has been doing it with their hair and nails for a while. It is basically the process of transitioning from one colour to another, quite often from a dark colour to a lighter colour. With Ombré lips the transition is versatile, inside to outside, outside to inside, up to down, down to up, right to left or left to right – whatever you want! What I really love about an ombre lip is that you can tailor it to either a very wearable nude lip or go for something really bold and a bit more out there. The only key to an ombré lip I would say is blending, I don’t really get the look of lining your lips with a really dark colour and then wearing a much lighter colour on your lips. It just looks weird, in my humble opinion. I used mainly used creamy products, so I just blended by patting with my fingers, easy! Here are my favourites!

Lip Care

Starting with lip care, two of my favourite products that keep my lips super exfoliated and hydrated. Elf exfoliator and Paw Paw, also known as a miracle balm!

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Nude Ombré

This is probably the most wearable look using a couple of MAC lipsticks, ‘Creme de la Femme’ and ‘Creme Cup. Who doesn’t love a MAC lipstick?! Both these colours are beautiful and bridal and together are equally beautiful and bridal.

edinburgh makeup artistedinburgh makeup artist

bridal makeup artistmakeup artist edinburgh



Pink Ombré

I love love love wearing a pink lip. I love even more wearing combo of my favourite pink lipsticks. For this look I used a few products, I lined and coloured in the lips with a Sara Hill lip pencil in ‘pink lady’, my outside darker colour was Sara Hill lipstick in ‘Gigi’, the lighter colour as an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics tip tar topped with yes, another Sara Hill product her ‘pink opal’ pigment.

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edinburgh makeup artistmakeup artist edinburgh

Glitter Sunset Ombré

Ok, now here’s where I had a bit of fun. I used quite a few products and went a little crazy. Starting with an orange on top I then blended the colour down to a deep red. For the lipsticks I used Zoeva lipstick ‘melting kisses’ which is an amazing orangey colour going into a MAC ‘Lady Danger’. The glitter is a combo of Sara Hill and Urban Decay. Urban Decays ‘Midnight Cowboy’ on top and Sara Hills ‘Ruby Shoe’ on the bottom using her ‘Copper’ as my transition colour.

makeup artist edinburgh makeup artist edinburgh

edinburgh makeup artist edinburgh makeup artist


Blue Ombré

This is by far the most adventurous one, not my classic beauty blogger look. Admittedly I’m not sure I would actually leave the house with it, but I liked wandering round doing housework in it! It’s pretty much just 2 MUA eye liners ‘turquoise’ and ‘royal blue’, which are actually really creamy and give a really good colour payoff, as well as being a bargain. Then, seeing as I had my glitter out, my Sara Hill glitter in ‘galaxy’ got thrown on too.

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makeup artist edinburgh edinburgh makeup artist


What’s your favourite? I would love to know!

I hope this was a little beauty blogger inspiration for you all.

Emily xo