Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Here outlines the service you can expect and hold me accountable to.

Please ensure that you carefully read through the terms of service when booking and contact Emily if you have any questions – Thank you

How to Book an Appointment:

Correspondence will be available during normal business hours, Tuesday – Friday 10am -5pm.

Makeup services are exclusively available Monday – Saturday. We can accommodate Bank Holidays, where, if there is availability price will be upon quotation.

At time of booking, Emily will require a deposit of £50 per booking  (unless otherwise specified) for make-up and hair services, which keeps the date free in Emily’s diary. Deposits are non refundable. Deposit’s can be made by bank transfer or PayPal only. Paying a deposit means your date will not be released to anybody else. Please remember, your deposit will be deducted off final wedding day balance and not the trial. When the provisional booking is made, Emily will confirm receipt of payment and the security of your booking is complete. It is the bride’s responsibility to ensure they have read and fully understood Emily Millar Makeups terms of service prior at the time of booking.

Travel: Appointments are typically carried out at either your home or wedding/special occasion venue. Parking charges will be applied where applicable. I do not charge travel for any appointment in or around Dunfermline or Edinburgh. Any appointment outwith these areas may incur a charge of up to 50p per mile, which comes into effect on the return journey of both trial and actual day if applicable.  Please note you will always be notified of travel costs at the time of enquiry/booking.

Appointment Timings:

Please allow up to 30 minutes possible lateness for me or any member of my team to reach you on any given booking. This is because we may be caught in traffic as we travel to different venues without knowledge of local peak operating times or congested zones on route.  We will of course, always endeavour to contact you to let you know if this ever is going to happen.

Payment details:

Booking confirms your commitment to pay and acceptance of Emily Millar Makeup’s Terms of Service. All service and associated travel costs will be agreed prior to booking.   The final balance will be due and invoiced 1 month prior to your wedding day with 30 days payment terms. Please note, Payments via bank transfer and PayPal need to be made 7 days prior to appointment date or cash on the day only.

Cheques are not accepted.

Cancellations made by Emily Millar Makeup

Trials: If a cancellation has been made by Emily Millar Makeup and we do not give you 24 hours notice prior to a make-up trial a full refund will be provided unless an alternative time is arranged.

Wedding/occasion makeup: Bookings will only ever be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances including; personal emergencies, breakdown, illness, severe weather conditions or offensive behaviour and is at the discretion of Emily Millar Makeup.   Emily Millar Makeup will always try their best to accommodate you should these circumstances ever arise. We will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative makeup artist who will receive a copy of your consultation and briefed on your makeup requirements.

Cancellations and alterations made by you

Trial: Should you wish to cancel you’re trial – all deposits will be retained unless an alternative trial date is arranged.  Your deposit will still secure your date as all deposits are deducted from wedding day balance only.

Wedding/occasion makeup: Should you wish to cancel your wedding day services you need to inform Emily Millar Makeup as soon as possible. Emily needs to be notified of any changes, cancellations made to booking direct at contact@emilymillarmakeup.com

If you decide to cancel or alter your booking within 1 month of the agreed date, the entire deposit will be lost and any remaining balance will need settled. This is because it is unlikely that your wedding day will be filled with another booking. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances will be taken into account. However only an apportion will be returned at the discretion of Emily Millar Makeup, should this occur.

Booking alterations: Should you wish to reduce the number of people receiving services on the day, any and all alternations must be confirmed no later than 1 month before the agreed date otherwise the balance for your original booking will become due.

Should you wish to increase the number of people from your original booking to receive services, this should be fine. Please notify Emily directly with sufficient notice so that extra preparations can be made. Payment and invoices will be updated accordingly to reflect alterations.

All trial payments are non refundable

Trial payments are non negotiable and Emily Millar Makeup will not tolerate non payment for services rendered – this could result in the cancellation of entire booking should this situation arise.  As a reminder, deposit monies will be deducted off final balance payable direct to Emily Millar Makeup 1 month prior to wedding day.

Last minute bookings

If a last minute booking is made, less than 1 month prior to wedding, the full balance is required at time of booking. If for any reason you don’t want to proceed with your booking thereafter, only an apportion will be returned at the discretion of Emily Millar Makeup, should this occur.

If you created a booking of 4 months or more this is classed as long standing booking, therefore, no refunds will be due back to you. This also applies to bookings in the UK and further afield.

Ribbons and Bows

Whilst we are all happy to help you into you and your bridesmaid’s dresses on the day of your wedding, please be aware that this isn’t covered by our insurance. Therefore, anything that happens whilst you are in your dress will be the owners (namely the bride) responsibility.

Pictures for record keeping purposes and purely bridal marketing in house (inclusive of social media) may be taken at trial and on your wedding day/event. If you would prefer the photos to not be used on website or social media please communicate this to Emily at time of booking.

Emily Millar Makeup is fully public liability insured

Terms of Service and what it means for you

Terms of Service are set in place by Emily Millar Makeup in order for the client to know where they stand with regards to payment at time of booking, time of trial and when final balances for wedding day is due.

They are to be complied with at all times of which is always greatly appreciated.  It is the client’s responsibility to read these thoroughly before booking.  We do not get paid by the hour, we charge set rates which are agreed with you at time of booking.  We do not leave the trial until you are 100% happy with what makeup and or other service we have achieved for you.  Please remember – trials are in place to define the makeup style and attain makeup requirements for you on your special day. They aren’t there to decide on non-payment for trials or negotiate changes to your booking. All fees are negotiated and agreed at time of booking.

What to expect at enquiry stage? At time of enquiry and through to booking, you will receive an email quote outlining the services and costs. The client confirms to go ahead with the booking and the deposit is then paid to secure the wedding date in Emily Millar Makeup’s diary.

If at any time you are unsure after your trial as to what payment is due and when, please visit this terms of service page to clarify.

Should you require invoicing/receipts at any stage throughout the booking process, please let Emily Millar Makeup know and it will be provided to you.  Otherwise you will be sent a standard email to confirm receipt of payment.

If you have any other questions, please contact us using the contact page