Your Wedding Morning | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Your Wedding Morning | Makeup Artist Edinburgh

Ever wondered what makes a great wedding morning?

It’s such an honour to get to spend time with brides on their wedding morning. As a makeup artist Edinburgh I have seen every kind of bridal party; from those brides who are getting ready by themselves to those who have a dozen bridesmaids and lots of people present on the wedding morning. No matter the size or location of the bridal party there are a few things I see time and time again that people always forget or don’t realise. Here is a little bit of advice from my experience in the wedding industry.

Allow extra time. 

I always say to brides to add a little bit of wiggle room to their timings as there’s things people always underestimate. For example getting dressed is not normally something you have to allow that much time for. But when your garment of the day is a wedding dress allow plenty of time for buttons to be done up or corsets to be tied. The last thing you want is a bridesmaid getting a bit hot and bothered because she’s being rushed with the finer details of your dress. I recommend between 30-45 mins per person, however that doesn’t allow for people needing to switch with the hairdresser or go and see to something wedding related. Just a little bit of extra time normally allows for a streamlined and relaxed wedding morning.

Remember to eat. 

Even if it’s just a little something, it’s really important to keep your sugar levels up on your wedding day. Quite often you can kind of miss out on lunch on a wedding day with the way timings normally eat. Maybe designate someone to prepare a few nibbles or prearrange with the hotel lunch being sent up to the room. I remember being with a bridal party who ordered room service for breakfast and the hotel had literally been eaten out of breakfast by a massive tourist party the same day. And although I’m sure that is not something that regularly happens you can eliminate any stress. These are things your wedding coordinator is normally really happy to help with.


Make sure everyone is in the loop. 

That might sound a bit daft, but from being in bridal parties myself and working for them I see plans change a lot. That’s totally normal and is usually necessary to make sure everything gets done. However, plans changing can mean people don’t know where they need to be when, or what their roll is on the morning. Everyone involved wants to make sure you, the bride, is happy. This is easily achieved when everyone knows how to do that!

Being a wedding makeup artist Edinburgh, is a dreeeeeam job because wedding mornings are so much fun. I hope these tips help you plan your wedding morning so it’s as relaxed and fun as possible.

Emily xo

Makeup Artist Edinburgh, Fife & Central Scotland